New Dimensions Volume 1 – 1968

Release Date: 1968

Amy’s Theme
Thoroughly Modern Millie
Where’s The Melody
Sunday Will Never Be The Same
The Happening
Wait Until Dark
It Must Be Him
More and More
A Taste of Honey
Strange Song

About This Release

Begining in the late 1960s Muzak pioneered a new way to increase employee productivity by programming music in a certain order. These scientifically programmed insturmental tracks first appear on this initial release: New Dimensions. Each selection has been recorded to Muzak’s specifications and sequentially programmed to produce a predetermined physiological and psychological response.

New Dimensions includes instrumental versions of the most popular chart topping recordings of 1967. A testament to the generational clash of the decade, these classic easy listening compositions were performed by the best young artists of the day, including The Supremes,The Lovin’ Spoonfull, Dionne Warwick and Spanky And Our Gang. Hollywood, looking to reap the benefits of groovy, attached many of these songs to film soundtracks hoping for a younger, hipper audience. Muzak took notice, and distributed New Dimensions to its clients “for demonstration purposes only, not for sale” with the similar goal of broadening its corporate demographic.